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Trip Report

Snoquera Falls Loop

Mount Rainier Area

Trip Report By

WTA Member


Hiked Apr 18, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:
    Trees down across trail,
    Difficult stream crossing(s).


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

Snoquera Falls is a beautiful hike and no more so than in the spring.  The recent hot weather has the snow melt fed falls gushing.  Normally we do this as a fun loop but the water in the creek crossing at the base of the falls was too full for us.  We did meet someone in the parking lot after who had made the crossing so it is doable.  Take your poles and your tall hiking boots if you want to have a go.  Even if you can't cross the view of the water in the falls basin is well worth an up and back adventure and as it wasn't too crowded we scrambled down the rocks a bit for a better view.

A few notes.  With Snoquera creek running so full the first crossing after the amphitheater is a challenge but you can back track ten paces take the start of the moss loop nature trail cross on a sturdy bridge and scramble back up the hill to the falls trail.  The big blow down across the trail is a bit of a pain.  Going up I opted to go down and around using the tree branch belay.  On the way back I took off my pack and scooted under.  Going under is less damaging to the trail and safer too.  There are a few crisscross trails in this area so I highly recommend you print/down load a Caltopo map, specially as some of the signage is either confusing or missing.

Covid notes.  Mask wearing good on the way up, poor on the way down.  We actually came back via an alternative route to avoid the up coming crowds but I'll report that separately.

No snow on the trail and the trees at the base of the falls are just starting to leaf out.