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Trip Report

Bead Lake

Eastern Washington

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Hiked Apr 24, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road impassable/closed


No bugs


Snow free

Upper Bead Lake Ridge road to the trail head has a tree over it, I can see we’re cars have gone under where it’s limbed but we choose to turn around and park alongside road by the gate, not blocking it. Trail itself is in great shape, other than a handful of blow downs to go over or under. Only two of them required a scramble. There is some deterioration in a spot where a log is along the outer edge of trail, you can now see some daylight, it’s small and narrow but easy to walk past. The surprise was the start of all the wildflowers along trail we saw Arnica, Shooting Stars, Ball Waterleaf, Prairie Star, Buttercups, Skunk Cabbage, Trillium and a lot of Phlox. Hiked to Pole Lodge Camp in the back for lunch before refacing the route back to cars. Saw two backpackers and three mountain bikers all day. 10 miles round trip and 1400” elevation.