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Mailbox Peak - Old Trail — Wednesday, May. 5, 2021

Snoqualmie Region

So on may 5th I went up the old trail and down the new. This was my 28th time in the last 2.5 years.  The hike up is well summed up by people with the summer route opened. On the way down I was crusing and had no need for spikes. I hit a 1ft by 2ft piece of black ice at the perfect knee bend and went down hard, rupturing my quad tendon and breaking part of my knee cap in my right leg.  I was prepared with emergency blanket and warmer fleece pullover, and I happened to be on perhaps one of the few spots on the new trail with some cell coverage. I called 911.  Luckily some trail Angel's came by,  some giving me their emergency blankets. Some left their jackets. And one amazing person stayed with me for the 3 hours it took for Sar to get to me. It took 5 hours to get me down on a gurney with the wheel on the bottom. So 8 hours in total for them to climb up and get me down. Search and rescue are amazing people and I can't say enough about them.   So I have over 340 hikes under my belt  28 on mailbox and often I see people unprepared, shoes, no backpack, no spikes or poles in winter. And if you get hurt it takes a long time to get to you and to get you out.  So travel prepared  and a thanks to a great hiker community 


jmiyo on Mailbox Peak - Old Trail

Sorry about the injury, that is terrible. Hope you get back on your feet soon and thank you for the advice to be prepared.

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jmiyo on May 12, 2021 11:30 PM