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Trip Report

Dirty Harry's Balcony, Dirty Harry's Museum & Dirty Harry's Peak — Sunday, Jul. 11, 2021

Snoqualmie Region


Arrived at 9:30AM on Sunday to a full parking lot but spaces available on the road shoulder to park. There is a single vault toilet at the trailhead.


First 2mi up to the Balcony are fairly gentle and straightforward. Most hikers will turn around here, so the trail past this is fairly empty (at least it was today).


The spur to the "Museum" is unmarked and easy to miss so would recommend keeping a GPS with you (or watching out really carefully for a rock cairn marking the turn, about a 1/4 mile before the Webb Mountain connector). It's a nice little off-trail but just the old truck to look at.


The trail to the peak gets steeper and steeper as you approach (up to the Balcony is only a third of the elevation so the remaining two thirds are left to climb). A set of hiking poles is highly recommended, you will appreciate them on the way down (and in my case, on the way up as well). There is nothing particularly sketchy about the trail, but it is steep, dusty, and with loose rocks so a bit of care and support (from poles) is warranted.

There are ~three different viewpoints you can scout around for on the summit so you can stitch together a 360-degree view between all three. A nice reward for the climb (though nearby Mount Washington and Mailbox Peak probably are a little nicer in this regard).

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