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Trip Report

Skyline Divide — Sunday, Jul. 25, 2021

North Cascades

This is mostly a road review since there are plenty of reports on the trail itself and I included a video at the bottom with some clips from our drive. 

This is one of my favorite trails, incredible views and tons of wildflowers! There were a couple trees down, but only one that was challenging to cross and it was around the 3rd hump. For a couple of the humps you can avoid climbing over them by keeping right and you don't sacrifice anything because the views are better later on anyways. A few spots after the 3rd hump do require small scrambles and some scree. 

This is one of my favorites, but it does take a little bit of work to get to. We took a Subaru Forester and it wasn't too bad but took nearly an hour of slow driving. There were tons of pot holes, some wood plank bridges, some narrow sections, lots of blind corners, and a few sections with a steep drop off on one side.

There were a good amount of pull off areas for passing. Please be courteous to other slower and faster drivers by giving people space and using the pull offs.

The trail is popular so parking fills up quickly. We got lucky on Sunday and got there as some Sat night campers were leaving.

We helped one group with a CRV that got a flat tire when they tried to pull off on a narrow section for an oncoming vehicle. We also saw evidence of oil on the road, but never saw the victim. There was one Civic in the parking area and they said they had scraped the bottom a few times.

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walker lee on Skyline Divide

Were any of the steep drop off sections on narrow roads? I’d love to do this hike but would like to prepare myself for the drive!!!!

Posted by:

walker lee on Aug 10, 2021 10:57 PM

SavvyExploring on Skyline Divide

There are some steep drop off sections on the road, but there are trees so it is not like a wide open cliff, but definitely a noticeable drop. I don't think they coincided with the real narrow sections but not 100% sure.

Posted by:

SavvyExploring on Aug 11, 2021 06:07 PM