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Trip Report

Paradise Valley Conservation Area — Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021

Puget Sound and Islands

The main trailhead parking lot looked completely full around 11:45 am. We just drove on by as there were cars parked in the shoulder area on the road that leads into the parking lot. We parked in the residential area at the south end where there is a trail head. 

We just did an out and back to the "Goold Forest Overlook" which was about 1.5 miles as I had a baby in a carrier and we just wanted a short hike. A lot of this portion is single track but there are some areas to pull off to the side. We just saw one family and one other hiker. 

There were some leaves on the ground but I wouldn't say there is fall foliage yet. Lots of green everywhere. Saw some mushrooms so if you're with your pup, keep an eye out. Luckily, our dog was more scared of the "weird thing" she saw and just walked on! 

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