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Trip Report

Duckabush River — Thursday, Apr. 14, 2022

Olympic Peninsula

One of many log-clearing trail crews necessary this season for the Duckabush River trail. A four-day WTA BCRT (Backcountry Response Team.) If you haven't done one of these, look at all the fun you're missing!

- We sawed logs. Lots and lots of logs. Big logs. Really big logs. Humongous logs. Small but annoying logs. Long logs on steep slopes. Complex and overlapping logs. Boy did we saw logs. So many logs. Seemed like hundreds of logs. We all worked really, really hard. Sawing logs.

- We thoroughly cleared the trail, from the wilderness boundary at Little Hump, past three-mile camp, and up all the switchbacks to the top of Big Hump, so our team accomplished our goal for this trip.

- Well aware of the forecast for rain and snow (typical notorious weather on the Duckabush), we were well-prepared for low temps and rain. But we were pleasantly surprised with only a few light showers and unexpected sun breaks.

- Last but not least, Al was an outstanding crew leader. He had scouted the trail and prioritized the work. Al and his assistant crew leaders continuously kept safety on the top of everyone’s minds. But we also had BIG fun and got LOTS of work done!