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Trip Report

Edmonds Marine Walkway — Sunday, May. 8, 2022

Puget Sound and Islands
happy mothers day

Quick early Sunday morning walk along the Edmonds Marine Walkway trails and over to the marsh.  Raining most everywhere else but blessed that the rainshadow had shifted just enough east to give us partial sunshine.  Parking at both the Marina Beach and Brackett’s Landing lots was busy but there is significant additional on street parking available.  The restroom at Brackett’s is now re-opened with its spiffy new roof.  The restrooms at the marina were also open and functional.  

Just a bit of wildlife out this morning, one heron, some sparrows and wren at the marsh, gulls and one family of canadian geese with their little ones out in the water.  Quite a bit of marine traffic - fishing trawlers, Alaska Marine barges, yachts, fishing boats, kayaks, etc.  Brackett’s had both a bunch of scuba divers plus a big group of open water swimmers (cold!) out.   A nice, easy walk with lots to see.  Happy Mother’s Day.  

wren collecting cattail fuzz for a nest
heron just took off from the marina breakwater wall
if you don't follow the rules we take your boot! :)