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Trip Report

Snoquera Falls Loop — Saturday, Jun. 11, 2022

Mount Rainier Area
There are several different turns at the beginning of the trail for the amphitheater and moss trail so be careful and use a map. I recommend going counterclockwise because the best views are on the approach and the far side of the trail is less maintained. We did the full loop, but many people may choose to do an out and back instead. I'm not sure why the video isn't working in WTA but the link should work. 
The trail starts out with a water crossing right away and it wasn't too bad, but you will want waterproof boots if you want dry feet. After that the trail was fairly dry right up to the falls. There are a couple peak-a-boo views on a clear day, but we could only see down into the campground. Above us the mist was floating through the trees and looking very pretty. We only saw a few other groups at the falls. You get a stunning view from a distance and a decent view from below, but if you want to continue the loop or get right up below it you have to cross the stream. The water was about ankle deep and you can rock hip a bit. Poles highly recommend as many rocks are loose. There might be another way up in the other side, but the more established path was after crossing. We had to walk in the water for parts of it and it was a little bit of a scramble to get up there. We got totally soaked from the spray. Standing up close it actually looked smaller than from a distance but was still stunning! I love the shelf at the top that it hits and cascades down from. 
The far side of the loop was a narrow path with one bad but manageable tree fall and one washed out section that took some careful steps but was fine. There are a few more views, weather dependent. There were also a few flowers and pika on this section. 
We arrived around 9:30 and parking was less than half full and there was plenty when we left too. The road is paved all the way up to the parking area and there is a pit toilet which was stocked but unusually smelly. 
The climb up to the falls and the wash out
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