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Wild Horses Monument — Thursday, May. 12, 2011

Central Washington
As you race across the state on I-90, take time to stretch your legs with a short scamper up to the Wild Horses Monument. Sure, the horses on the hill look great from the highway or the scenic viewpoint, but it is so much better from top. The trail, if you could call it that, probably turns a lot of folks away. There are several paths to the top - all steep, with loose rock that is apt to land you on your bottom on your descent. But it is short and the views are definitely worth it. Right now balsamroot brightens the way, though it looks to be on its way out. I spent a lot of time taking photos - framing the horses with the Columbia River behind and playing with different photography apps on my phone. It would be particularly beautiful early in the morning. Unfortunately, there is a lot of graffiti on the horses (see photo), which does dampen the experience. I hope that it is possible to remove it without damaging the sculptures.