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Oyster Dome — Sunday, May. 29, 2011

Puget Sound and Islands

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Day hike

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Obstacles on trail:
    Mud/Rock slide or washout.
On busy days I encourage early arrival to this hike as the trail is busy and parking is tight! Hike is short and generally not a very exciting trek but the views from the top of the dome would be great on a nice day! Due to my misread of the content on the WTA site I spent about an hour trying to find the trail to the dome from the base (near bat caves). This included hiking around over and above the caves which based on the slippery rocks in the area was fairly sketchy. I believe the author of the content was rightly trying to warn people about the danger of this area. I figured it out finally...whoops! After enjoying what views were available near the exposure, I headed back down the path. Took a detour to the bat caves to see if two rock climbers were visible on the wall which unfortunately they were not. The remainder of the way down saw 50-60 hikers coming up including a pregnant lady! This hike is a great scenery local up north hike but it is not really challenging and if exercise is your goal along with hiking enjoyment you might need to incorporate other trails along with this hike. Cheers!



Not really challenging? I would dispute that. It's certainly no 4000+ foot elevation gain, but there are some very, VERY steep parts where you are almost scrambling straight up. I got a pretty decent workout.

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kvstark on May 30, 2011 11:16 AM