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Pratt Lake Basin — Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011

Snoqualmie Region
My stopping point. Couldn't beat this view and no bugs up here!
Arrived 8:15 a.m. and there was plenty of room in trailhead parking lot. Trail in fantastic shape to junction with Granite Mountain Trail. Stream crossings beyond there were easy to handle even with a lot of water flowing. Only the careless will have trouble with them. Also, if you carry a filter bottle, plenty of places along this stretch to fill up. First snow patches around 3,500'. Again, nothing bad. Made for some muddy spots, but even that was mostly avoided. The bugs were out in full force, though. This would not have been enjoyable without repellant. Great view over Olallie Lake all the way to Rainier. Also, on way up, felt like I had the trail to myself. Was not the case on the way back down. Previous trip reports have mentioned the blowdowns on the switchbacks heading into the basin. Honestly, the one on the first switchback is something to behold. Passable, but I had to give it a good long look, as did people descending when I was on my way back up. Stopped on a talus slope to eat lunch and take in the view of the basin and Kaleetan Peak. Turned around there after being told the flies were dominating the lake. Even so, a worthwhile trip. Was back at parking lot at 1:15.
A look down to Olallie Lake.
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