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Trip Report

Second Beach — Friday, Nov. 25, 2011

Olympic Peninsula
There are three beaches in close proximity near La Push - First, Second and Third beaches. We chose to hike Second Beach -- a short hike, but a hike nonetheless. Winters are often stormy on the coast, and this past week was no exception, so we timed our hike just right when the wind died down and the sun broke for a spell. Much of this trail is lengths of boardwalk or constructed trail steps. Still, after the rainy days we'd just had, there was water on the trail in places. My three year old can't resist a puddle, so I made sure he had waterproof shoes on. There were only a few spots where we had to assist him down steps that were too big for him--otherwise I'd say this trail is entirely kid-friendly. Once the trail spills out onto the beach, a huge pile of driftwood separates you from the sand and water. We chose not to climb over it with the 3-year old because the tide was pretty high anyway. Even though we were trapped from the beach itself by the huge driftlogs, we had a good view and driftwood to sit on and some open sand to play in.