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Trip Report

Big Beaver Trail — Saturday, May. 4, 2013

North Cascades
Ross Dam and the Snow Capped Mountains of Paul Bunyan Stump, Pyramid, Colonial and Snowfield Peaks from Green Point
What a fantastic day for a hike. I got a late start but headed up to Ross Lake in The North Cascades which is part of Ross Lake National Recreation Area. Parked just off Highway 20 at Ross Lake Trailhead and headed down the .8 mile trail to the top of Ross Dam. Trail in good shape with lots of water. Crossed over one nicely constructed bridge and several other creeks on the way down. Make sure to follow the signs to get down to the dam. The views from the top of the dam looking east and west are breath taking. Down below the dam is the east end of Lake Diablo and the place small boats and kayaks can be picked up and delivered into Ross Lake. From here I walked across the dam and hooked up with The Big Beaver Trail where I headed out to Green Point which is about half way to Big Beaver Creek campground. From my pictures you can see the view from Green Point is well worth the hike out there. Trail is in great shape with several creeks to cross so there is always lots of water. I recommend you bring a water filter if you need to get fresh water along the trail. Even though it may be safe to drink why take a chance water filters are light and small so they fit in even a small pack. I decided to turn around at Green Point after having lunch. I was out here to scope out the trail because I have plans to do the 13 mile loop from Diablo Lake over Sourdough Mountain and come out at the Ross Lake Trail Head. This will be a 1 to 2 day overnight stay and two cars would work better so if anyone is interested in say late August or September leave me a note and I will get back with you. I am interested in waiting until most of the snow is off Sourdough Mountain. The view of Diablo and Ross Lake and the snowcapped mountains are worth this rather strenuous up hill hike. All and all it was a great day to hike The North Cascades along Ross Lake. Come check out this trail. I saw very few people even though there was ten cars in the parking lot. Most of them must have been overnight campers. Checkout my videos of this hike on my youtube channel at "lmm3181" or click on the direct links below. (This is a long video) As always get out and see this great state and enjoy your hiking! Take Care Mike
Ross Dam while descending down the Ross Lake Trail
Ross Lake with Jack Mountain in the background along the Big Beaver Trail
Close up of Pyramid, Colonial, Snowfield Peaks and Paul Bunyan Stump from the top of Ross Dam