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Trip Report

Tin Cup Joe Falls

Snoqualmie Region

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Hiked Jul 8, 2013

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:
    Overgrown in places.
This hike starts out at the beautiful Gateway Bridge which is the beginning of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail #1003. Along the way you will follow the river, go through old growth forest, see many flowers, and if you like munch of berries which are all over the trail this time of year. The trail is a little overgrown, but not a real concern. It is in fairly good shape with only a little mud left which is easy to avoid. Tin Cup Joe Falls is an unmarked trail, but easier to find than I expected. At the five mile mark you will come to the Cripple Creek Bridge. It is the first major bridge on the trail. You can sit here, recharge, and get ready for the journey ahead. From the bridge turn around like you are going back the way you came and about 50 or 60 feet you will see a trail on your left (facing west) by an old downed tree. The path is obvious here - but will not be in many places. As you follow this trail you will need to be cautious in many aread as there are many blow downs that you need to cross and finding a good spot for your foot where you won't twist an ankle is essential. You there is a spot about halfway in where we almost crossed the creek because a report I read said cross at the big log. DO NOT cross here! Keep following the orange tape left by the trail crews. They could use a little more of it is you ask me. The orange tape will lead you to the creek about a mile in and to your right you will see the first sight of lower tin cup joe falls. DO NOT stop here. This is where you will cross the creek - use caution as it is swift, but not very deep and very passable. We brought sandals to ford the creek so we could have dry hiking boots for the rest of the journey. Once across you will see a steep hill - yes, this is your path. You will need to step on roots and this is a climb - use caution. Once up the trail follows to the right and is hard to find at times but keep going forward and you will get there to the base of the left tier of the falls. Do yourself a favor and get in the creek here for a better view of the falls. If you are brave enough to cross the creek here (you should!) you will be able to see a sight of both falls and then keep going for an amazing shot of the right side falls. 10 easy miles and 3 fairly difficult ones. Mostly due to route finding but also a little bit of a workout climbing over things and trying to keep your ankles from rolling. A must see for those that like waterfalls. I won't show pictures from the Middle fork trail as you can see those on other trip reports. The pictures attached are after Cripple Creek Bridge. I wonder if they named it Cripple Creek because of the rough terrain!