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Trip Report

Steamboat Rock — Saturday, Jul. 12, 2014

Central Washington
It was already hot by the time we set out to hike Steamboat Rock, but the trek was worth the sweat we worked up as we climbed to the top of the butte. This hike has great views of the state park and Banks Lake, especially on a sunny Eastern Washington day. We also loved the wildlife we saw along the way: two baby deer, a doe, a marmot, and an orange fly that moved rocks and shoveled sand as it burrowed in the ground. Bring your camera! My Vote: Hike this trail for great views! Considerations: - During the summer months, this is one hot hike. Try trekking early in the morning, before the sun has time to heat things up. - If you're allergic to bees, definitely bring an Epipen. There were a lot of bees/wasps on top of the butte. - This trail is very rocky and steep in places—wear good shoes.