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Sand Point — Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

Olympic Peninsula
Collected marine debris to be hauled back to the Ranger Station at the trailhead.
Spent three days at Sand Point participating in the International Coastal Cleanup. The trail to Sand Point is in excellent shape. Much of the rotten sections of boardwalk have been replaced - either with new cedar boardwalk or converted into sections of gravel trail. Our cleanup efforts focused on the beach south of Sand Point, and, as is usually the case, an abundance of plastics and Styrofoam were found. Note, Wish Creek (main water source at Sand Point) is not currently flowing. Water is available from a stagnant pool back in the woods. Nearby creeks (north and south) were dry.
Sunset from Sand Point.
Morning view from Sand Point.
Thank you to Lost Resort owner, Rob Snyder, for the delicious 15-bean soup!
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Thank you!!

Thank you so much for all your work to clean up the coast. That is a LOT of trash.

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Loren Drummond on Sep 24, 2014 01:28 PM