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Forest Lake — Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015

Mount Rainier Area
My pika monitoring is going very well!
I'm doing hike a thon this year and trying to pick some new to me hikes i've never done. I wanted to wake up on the mountain for my b'day. I choose forest lake for the solitude, i heard it's a lonley corner of the park, and it really is! I had a bit of trouble getting my permit i arrived at white river ranger station at 7:30 and the line was already 6 people long, but the ranger was turning people away. There was no power and he couldn't print permits. I sweet talked him into calling another station and me handwritting permit, it worked! I was off in mins to Sunrise. I was so grateful for Bud (ranger) using his cell phone and making this happen so i didn't have to go to another location to get permit. The sun was very RED from fires i guess, and it was making for interesting light all day. I really wanted to see some big animals bear, goat, elk but i saw only little guys. Lots of pika, birds, coyote and lots of quiet moments i will treasure forever! Only one family from Houston came down to the lake from Sunrise we had a lovely visit. Then a few hours later some younger hikers from Huckleberry Creek side came to lake with a dog! The whole trail is in the park, they came up 8 miles with this dog. It was all i could do to stay in my tent the 30 mins they were there and not come out and give them my thoughts on dogs in national park. They were loud, their dog running up and down the trail no leash, i'm sure that's why no big animals that evening! Thanks folks! After they left it was back to my peace and quiet the rest of the night. The evening skies cleared and the star show was fantastic from my little basin. The next day i woke early and started back UP hill. Great trip! If you would like to sponsor me in Hike a thon, he is the link.
Going down, almost to the forest
Forest Lake
Huge Camp
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