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Pear Lake via Meadow Creek — Monday, Sep. 5, 2016

Central Cascades
Good news and - for history buffs, bad news. Good news first. THANK YOU USFS! The entire trail, from the beginning all the way to Frozen Finger Pass above Pear Lake has been brushed out and logged out. WOW what a tremendous gift for hikers. I love this trail; it's steep in places, but steady, not wild ups and downs. This time last year there were many, many ground hornets nesting in the trail or next to it. This weekend we did see a few, but it was likely too cold for them to get stirred up. If you have a dog, take extra care that he doesn't snoop too much, especially on the section after Fortune Pass. Which brings me to the bad news for history buffs. The giant old tree that the old metal "Snoqualmie National Forest Fortune Pass" sign was nailed to was a victim of a mircroburst this past winter, and the tree fell sign-face down. The tree is underneath another one or two trees. My buddy Jim and I dug around as much as we could, but that part of the tree fell hard, and is buried, the old sign with it. For old time's sake, I am posting a past picture of the sign - and how it looks currently. But the good news for this trail is that the USFS has done a lot of work on this worthy trail. Thanks so much!