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Trip Report

Twin Lakes - Monte Cristo — Monday, Sep. 5, 2016

North Cascades
A moderate day hike with just a bit of elevation up to the camp, but a nice hiking trail, and a great location to explore, take in the history of the early mining days, and have lunch on the footsteps of the buildings still there! There were points in the trail that had rock beds that would make it a little tricky for dogs to navigate and could be a little rough on the feet or ankles if not hiking in the right footwear. The hike ends up being more than 8+ miles roundtrip if you explore the old mining camp and go to the upper sections of the trail above the camp towards the lake. There were people on the trail, but it was not overcrowded and do allow yourself plenty of time to do this day hike as there are few spots along the trail that do require “taking it slow” as you navigate across the river over large, fallen trees or just wade across through the water. A fun hike with plenty to see and experience along the way, including a few waterfalls off in the distance up in the mountains, and stepping back into the history of 1890 is always awesome for any hiking experience! We are planning a return hike to stay overnight in 2017 as the area looks great for hosting campers with the opportunity to hang out with all the “Prospectors” of today, miners from history past, and a true PNW experience…Enjoy! ~Happy Prospecting... The Intuitive Prospector™