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Trip Report

Cape Disappointment State Park - Coastal Forest Loop — Monday, Mar. 27, 2017

Southwest Washington
Sunshine on the water and clouds overhead. Photo by Anna Roth.
Our last day at Cape Disappointment included a bonus hike! I had intended to leave before the rest of my group to continue on my trip, but we all wound up leaving together and decided to check out one last trail to round out the visit. The Coastal Forest Loop was wonderful, especially so because of the sun, which had finally come out. As someone in our group said, “what a gift”. And it felt like one after the rain all weekend, which had woken us all up both nights we were in the yurt). Not much to report about this sweet little nature trail, though. The best (and most stressful) thing were all the newts. They were darling, but they blend right in with the ground, so I was terrified I was going to step on one. We saw four newts, six slugs, heard bald eagles talking in the trees, and soaked in the sun the whole way. Our timing was perfect, too – we enjoyed sunshine during our departing hugs, and right as we got in our cars, the rain came back.
Medium-tide near Anchorage Rock. Photo by Anna Roth.
Yikes, 93' of elevation! I can't breathe up here! Photo by Anna Roth.
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