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Trip Report

Cape Flattery — Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2017

Olympic Peninsula
Sea caves. Photo by Anna Roth.
Cape Flattery was a gorgeous reward after how wet most of the previous days had been. Thank goodness for cross breezes and the climate that ensures this area has at least constantly changing, if not constantly pleasant, weather. The trail goes from wide gravel, probably-former-road, to boardwalk, to muddy narrow trail, and (mercifully) back to boardwalk over the wettest parts. In places, the water runs down the trail for quite a ways, including over sets of stairs. Despite being so wet, this boardwalk was not nearly as slippery as Bowerman Basin -- I even did some foot swivels to see if I slipped at all and my shoes stayed solidly in place. Hooray for western red cedar(which is what I think the boardwalk must be made from). A southerly wind was blowing at the point, and the sea wasn't as turbulent as I thought it might be. There was also a ton of wildlife. I saw seagulls, cormorants, what I thought might have been puffins, a few other birds, and best of all, an otter! I also saw other people -- a surprising amount for a Wednesday at 1pm. 18 others; 19 including me! And unfortunately, only three of the seven cars in the parking lot had the Makah recreation pass, so consider this a reminder to buy one before driving to the trailhead!
Tree down on trail. People were walking around it, creating a bootpath, though some creative footwork would let you get through the obstacle. Photo by Anna Roth.
There's a lighthouse on that island. Seems like a lonely posting. Photo by Anna Roth.
Hooray for the first rhody of the season! At the Makah Museum. Photo by Anna Roth.