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Ebey Waterfront Trail — Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017

Puget Sound and Islands
Ebey Slough
The new Ebey Waterfront Trail opened in Marysville today. It's a 2.6 mile round trip on a level, paved trail suitable for all ages and abilities, with benches along the way and picnic tables at the turn around point. The trail begins across the street from Ebey Waterfront Park & boat launch, then follows Ebey Slough to the Qwuloolt Marsh. On the other side of the trail you'll first find the City of Marysville Wastewater Treatment Plant (the poo pond provides great winter open water habitat), then the Qwuloolt marsh restoration project, where a breached dike has re-exposed the area to tidal influence. It's only been a year, so come early and return often to watch this mudflat become renewed with aquatic & wetland vegetation.
Cascade Mountains rise over the marsh
Heron at Qwloolt Marsh
River Otter in Ebey Slough
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LZhang on Ebey Waterfront Trail

Thanks for the report, I have a question, since the trail next to the wastewater treatment plant, are there any foul smell when hiking? Thanks

Posted by:

LZhang on Apr 23, 2017 05:50 PM

Doesn't Stink

The waste treatment pond is surprisingly odor free and reasonably scenic as waste treatment ponds go...I saw a family of ducks on the pond. Somebody has planted an abundance of wild flowers along the trai. Nice public land reclamation project.

Posted by:

Rolling Along on Jun 26, 2018 11:53 AM

Rolling Along on Ebey Waterfront Trail

This is a great entry level trail for wheelchair users. Fairly flat with minimal crown in the middle of the trail. No bathrooms on the trail. They are located in the boat launch parking lot (Also the trailhead).

Posted by:

Rolling Along on Jun 26, 2018 11:49 AM