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Trip Report

Twin Falls — Sunday, Jun. 18, 2017

Snoqualmie Region
South Fork Snoqualmie River

Went out for an easy day hike with my 2 year old. Arrived mid-day so the parking lot was full and cars were parked quite a ways down the road. There were a lot of people, families and dogs on the trail. Nonetheless it was a great hike. There is great tree canopy which helps keep the temperature down. Lots to see along the trail. You walk along the river for a good portion of the hike which provides for a beautiful view and the sound of rushing water. Came across a number of tiny waterfalls running off of the hills and tiny creeks that run along the trail. Some wild flowers but not too many. The trail was a little muddy in a couple places but could usually be navigated around. The Falls were stunning!

Tree Canopy & Happy Toddler
Tiny waterfall along trail
Twin Falls