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Trip Report

Yellow Aster Butte — Friday, Jun. 30, 2017

North Cascades
Brushing with Mount Baker in the background

I attended my very first work party on Friday, June 30. The views of Mount Baker were spectacular, and there were mountain tiger lilies (my favorite) blooming all along the trail. The refreshing sound of nearby creeks somehow made the day feel a little cooler.

There was a large crew, so a lot of trail work was accomplished! We cleared some brush along the switchbacks right above the trailhead, and eventually moved into the shaded portion of the trail as the sun became very hot. I helped unearth and transport some hefty rocks to crew members who were building a ramp on a steep incline. Some crew members also covered up some roots, and my group worked on returning a widened, down-hill portion of the trail back to a narrow trail, making it less susceptible to erosion. The sun was intense that day, so we made sure to take a nice lunch break and plenty of water breaks. I would recommend bringing more water than you think you'll need, as well as a short-sleeved shirt if it is a hot day.

Trail crews were up on the trail on Saturday and Sunday as well, so the trail should be in much better condition. Overall I had a sweaty and rewarding day, with great company and substantial progress on the trail. 

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