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Trip Report

Heart O' the Forest — Thursday, Sep. 21, 2017

Olympic Peninsula
Fun lichen on a log. Photo by Anna Roth.

This was the last hike of my September research trip on the peninsula, and I just realized I hadn't written a trip report for it! 

Since few people have trip reported on this location, I figured I would throw in my two cents. 

This trail is pretty nice, especially for someone who was hiking with what turned out to be some sort of knee inflammation injury from the hiking I'd done that week. This meant I had really sharp pain in my knee every time I loaded it with weight. It was aggravated in ascents and descents but not so bad on the flat. My friend and I took the trail slowly, and the flat part was fun -- the rolling trail winds through trees, and the trail structures along the way were a fun diversion. 

It looked like there were some materials staged for boardwalk construction, so that may be complete by now. Hopefully so, there wasn't much time for them to get a project done before the winter came to the peninsula!

The end is a bit of a letdown -- the trail simply descends to a large, downed tree, and that's it. We sat for a bit, had a snack and then headed back up to the cars. 

It was a bit longer than a "morning coffee" hike for me, but if you don't do the whole thing it's a nice, short walk to wake up in the AM. 

Terrible photo of a giant downed root ball. Photo by Anna Roth.
Boardwalk section of Heart O' the Forest. Photo by Anna Roth.