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Trip Report

Twin Falls — Monday, Jan. 15, 2018

Snoqualmie Region
From the Lowest Viewing platform

Twin Falls is a great winter hike and is totally snow free right now.  We accessed the trail via the upper Twin Falls Trailhead which is off of "Old Homestead Road."  Traveling East from N. Bend on I-90 take exit 38 and head toward Ollalie State Park. Look for the first right after exiting the freeway.  There is an outhouse and parking for a couple dozen cars. It is a "Discover Pass" fee area, but today was free because of the MLK holiday fee-free day at State and National Parks. From the lot, you follow a trail to the left of the bathroom, and head up to meet a service road.  Continue right on the Forest service road up the hill to reach the John Wayne trail.  Again go right on the John Wayne trail where you will in a short distance pass an unmarked (often cairned) trail off to the left which is the Mount Washington trail.  Keep on the John Wayne a short ways further and it will fork with the right fork going to the Twin Falls trail (signed).  The trail to Twin Falls is almost all down hill from here and is in good condition.  It's about 1.5 miles from the parking lot to the upper Twin Falls bridge.  Another short distance to another Bridge and view of the upper Falls.  And last but not least continue up and over  and down a small knob and reach the "staircase" trail to the viewing platform of Twin Falls.  It is a lot of stairs, down and then back up, but well worth the effort as it is probably the best viewing place for the Falls.  Heading back out will be mostly uphill until you reach the John Wayne trail.  Head left along level John Wayne trail and descend on the service road, then trail back to parking area.  Most people seem to hike to the Falls from the Lower trailhead and it is muddier and more eroded than the Upper trailhead.  The advantage of the Lower Trailhead is it a little more scenic along the river and a little easier on elevation gain going in until the last portion by the falls.  The advantage of the Upper Trailhead is less people, but it is mainly down-hill in and up-hill out.  We also stopped at Olallie State Park and the Weeks Hydroelectric project at the Falls just down the road from the other trailhead.  Expect lots of families and family pets on this trail. 

From the Highest view of the upper Falls
Hydroelctric Project at Olallie State Park