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Trip Report

Lake Serene — Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018

Central Cascades

We chose Lake Serene because we felt it was safer than other hikes due to high risk of avalanches. Weather conditions were tough. Cold, penetrating rain for much of the "up" hike and then slushy snow until about a 1/2 mile from the lake. The wild picked up quite a bit and we saw at least two large trees blown down across the trail when we returned. (These were not there on the way up.) A few safety matters: look for falling trees when there is wind coupled with heavy moisture in the soil. Second concern was that while I always felt this was a safe high in terms of avalanche risk, two avalanche rumbles closer to the lake made me re-think this.  Also, adequate clothing, boots, et al are absolutely needed. We had pretty good clothes, but found ourselves very wet by the return trip to the TH. If we'd had to spend more time outside, the risk of hyperthermia would have been very high. We wore microspikes and carried snowshoes and I would recommend having both.  We did not make it to the lake this time because the snow became just too deep (chest high) and we were getting very wet and cold. I did this hike in December and it was much easier.