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Trip Report

Umtanum Creek Falls — Sunday, Jul. 8, 2018

Central Washington
Solo's first hike

This was a short but fun hike. The trail was easy but there are a few spots where they fork and unsure which lead where. There's a spot where you either cross the creek or go up a steep hillside, I should have crossed. I took this route on the way back and it was much easier. There is a spot that is all mud but it wasn't too hard to get through, many sticks and logs were placed as a bridge. Some spots were overgrown I was sure I was off trail but I just kept going. There were many different kinds of butterflies fluttering around. There were some mosquitoes buzzing by but I sprayed with bug spray and wasn't bitten. I did forget to spray my backpack and brought home a tick which I immediately lost in my living room. Be prepared, this is an awful year for ticks. This should have been no more than a 30-45 min. trek to the falls but we made frequent stops along the way, this was the kitten's first hike 🐱. When we got to the falls we were the only ones there. I heard the trail to the bottom was hard but i tried anyway. The soil was hard and steep so you can't get any footing and if it isn't hard its severely loose soil. I want going to risk slipping with a dog and kitten in tow. We rested at the top for a long while and many other people showed up. The walk back was easy but hot. Not too bad, may do this again

Lots of these guys fluttering around
So peaceful