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Discovery Park Loop Trail, Discovery Park Beach and Highlands Loop — Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2018

Puget Sound and Islands

Wonderful trail to hike with a beloved cat within a big city yet feels like a world away. It's our go to hiking destination when we cannot get away from the area to see other beautiful WA trail destinations.  We've hike 5.8 miles a multitude of times and always find incredibly breathtaking views along our way. 

ALERT: Please be sure your pet is protected against ticks. Dog owners have reported they've found ticks in the park trails. 


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Dream Delay on Mar 28, 2020 06:38 PM

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RioFun on Mar 28, 2020 07:40 PM

Forestdancr on Discovery Park Beach and Highlands Loop, Discovery Park Loop Trail

I would love to know how you trained your cats to actually hike! I started putting a harness on mine and taking her outside when she was a kitten, but she's too distracted by other things to walk with me (she's over a year old now). Treats only go so far as incentive, and then she isn't interested anymore. So she doesn't get to go out as often as I'd like to take her, because I don't get a walk out of it; I just follow her around the yard. Any tips or suggestions would be most welcome!

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Forestdancr on Nov 18, 2020 09:01 PM

Hiking Cat

Hello Forestdancr, The majority of hiking cats typically aren't interested to walk where we want to go. They rather to take their outings at a slower pace so that they can frequently stop to sniff and or nibble on grass.

Both my cats used to be able to hike up to five miles on their own, albeit quite very slowly. However, being that they're seniors now with various life-threatening incurable diseases I've modified our outings to carry them in pet backpacks. This option allows me to take in the awe-inspiring views while exercising, but I can also plan to stop and let the kitties leisure around for awhile so they can get some exercise as well as mental stimulation. I always carry high value treats to encourage them to walk and reward them for going back into their backpacks when signaled. These are treats they only receive on very special occasions to keep them motivated.

I have clicker-trained them to go into their backpacks/carriers or come when called. This is crucial for their safety and for my peace of mind. Unleashed dogs is a danger for all hiking cats so this is why there's the need to train these skills. It is why those treats are reserved strictly for the hikes or other new training lessons because it'll reinforce those trained behaviours with better success.

The following is a website for anyone interested to become a cat explorer: I hope it'll help you achieve your goals with your kitty.

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RioFun on Nov 20, 2020 12:24 AM

Forestdancr on Discovery Park Beach and Highlands Loop, Discovery Park Loop Trail

Thank you so much for the info! I'll check out that website. I've tried most of the things you mention--except the backpack--but I probably am not patient enough, or haven't found the right treats.

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Forestdancr on Nov 20, 2020 08:13 AM