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Trip Report

Snow Mountain Ranch and Cowiche Mountain — Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2019

Central Washington
Mud and slush

Started my hike at 10 am and didnt make it far. Theres quite a bit of snow that's melting unevenly with frozen and slushy spots all over. Any exposed dirt is muddy and squishy. I started at Rocky Top and only made it where the harvester trails meet again, usually a 15 min walk but took 30 min. On my return any spots that were frozen had turned to slush in a matter of minutes. I had the dog and the cat, the dog followed close in case I stumbled and the cat provided weight training. I started with a sweater and a coat and ended up in my tank top, the sun was beautiful and hot. If any one saw my footprints they would think I was drunk with how much I was stumbling around. I found one flower so spring is on it's way. Would wait until things started drying up before trying again, besides the sign at the start says to stay off when muddy to preserve the trail

Look at my hiking buddies
One flower growing in a mud puddle