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Little Mountain Park - Darvill Loop — Saturday, Apr. 6, 2019

Puget Sound and Islands

Decided to show my mom the work I had did last year on the Darville Trail, in Little Mountain Park. We parked on the side of the land trust and walked up about a half mile. The trail is in excellent condition! All those volunteers did a great job adding in punch-ins, turnpikes, box steps, and putting drainage in this very wet muddy area.

The trail starts out pretty wide, with lots of birds chirping. There were some freshly fallen trees, that had already been removed from the trail. The skunk cabbage near the main area where most of the work was done is blooming.

The parking lot for this trail is very small, and holds maybe three to four cars. The trail is also full of older trees, and on windy days is a trail you most likely would like to avoid as they can fall at any time (even without wind). When we got just past the amazing stairs we put in (many were put in during an all women's crew!) it started to get very windy, and we decided for our safety we needed to get out of the area and head back to the car.

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