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Duckabush River — Sunday, Jul. 21, 2019

Olympic Peninsula
Duckabush River by Randonnée

The road to the trailhead was not that bad, at least not as bad as the road to Mowich Lake last Sunday. It was a hot day today, which made the hike even tougher for me. Went with a group of seven hikers, and I felt I was overheating before we arrived at Big Hump, elevation gain 1,500 feet, high point 1,700 feet. Change of clothes helped, as did electrolyte-reinforced water. The Duckabush River was spectacular, especially when we descended into the Duckabush Valley and found a beautiful cooler spot for lunch break. All the uphill was worth the effort. Also many thimble berries (ripe ones, too) and red huckleberry along the trail. And other gorgeous ferns, smaller flowers. Some sections that resembled a landslide of downed trees. The trails were in good shape, but loose rocks so watch it on descents. Recommend using hiking poles throughout the day! This definitely is a good conditioning hike for those who want one. With the heat, bring plenty of water/ electrolyte-reinforced water, sunscreen, a hat and get used to sweating it out!

Duckabush River by Randonnée
Duckabush River by Randonnée
Duckabush River by Randonnée
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Old Dave on Duckabush River

Don't understand the need for the 4-year old warning.

Posted by:

Old Dave on Jul 21, 2019 08:45 PM

Uploaded the wrong photo

Old Dave,
I posted the wrong photo! Thank you for comment.

Posted by:

FrogHiker on Jul 22, 2019 10:43 AM