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Trip Report

Slab Camp Creek and Gray Wolf River — Friday, Aug. 16, 2019

Olympic Peninsula

Well there you have it, a new bridge! 3 stringers and about 33 feet long! A variety of volunteer groups came together in collaboration to replace the rotting bridge on Slab Camp trail, right above Duncan Flats (Backcountry Horsemen, WTA, Gray Wolf crew, Olympia Mountaineers, Boy Scouts). We are proud of our accomplishment. It was hard work. The construction took 5 days, plus countless days of prep beforehand by the Gray Wolf crew and Backcountry Horsemen, Peninsula Chapter (Del Sage and Tom Mix, who made this project happen). I used pictures from a variety of folks and put them into a Google album. I labeled each and every picture so you can follow what we were doing. Enjoy the album and the bridge!

ps, thanks to the Gray Wolf crew, this trail down to the bridge is also in great shape. 

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