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Chelan Butte — Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020

Central Cascades
Chelan Butte Trail

Chelan Butte is an easy to access hike on the south eastern edge of Chelan. The parking lot is at the end of a city road and a simple journey for any vehicle. There are not any restrooms at the parking lot or trailhead so keep that in mind prior to starting the hike. The trail itself has an initial incline and some markers that let you know at the junctions which way the main trail proceeds. It was a beautiful but extremely windy day when we went, which made the hike a little less hospitable than it otherwise would have been. Despite the wind, the hike had numerous people walking their dogs, so expect a crowd if you do go on a nicer day. The hike has plenty of views of Chelan, Lake Chelan, and eventually the Columbia along the way and is worth the trip if you find yourself in the area.

Chelan Butte Trail
Chelan Butte Trail
Windy day on Chelan Butte Trail.
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