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Trip Report

Oxbow Loop Trail — Sunday, Jul. 10, 2022

Snoqualmie Region

Please drive slowly and carefully on SE Middle Fork Rd. There are numerous trail heads, bikes, and lots of people walking along the road. 

Arrived to the Oxbow Loop lower parking lot just before noon and it was nearly full. Basically everyone parked there was actually hiking Bessemer Mountain as there were no people on the Oxbow Loop my first time around. 

The trail is in great shape and the salmon berries are just finishing up for the season. I did the loop twice; once clockwise and then again counterclockwise. I highly recommend going counterclockwise. The views of the mountains are far more impressive from that direction. If your goal is the river, clockwise is much faster. On my second loop around I still only saw 3 groups of people. For such a gorgeous spot, it seems under appreciated.