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Trip Report

Duckabush River — Wednesday, Jul. 20, 2022

Olympic Peninsula
Finest lunch spot around!

Hearing that the Duckabush River road had been GRADED this year (What??!!), Herself and I headed there for a "lunch hike". The road indeed is newly-graveled and graded. When you can go a steady 20-25 MPH in a passenger vehicle, THAT'S a stellar Olympic Forest Service road.

Five vehicles were in the parking lot when we arrived noonish on a sunny and warm Wednesday. However, we were alone on the trail all the way to the riverside camp/lunch spot at 2.6 miles. No bugs joined us, and there was a nice breeze right at the river's edge. The flow is a little high for fishing, so we lounged for a bit, then headed back, One hiker stopped by in the middle of lunch, and on our way back, we encountered a family group of six heading up around 3 PM. But essentially this was a quiet, shady hike, exactly what we were looking for.

There is a known messy spot on the trail just before you reach the riverside camp. WTA will have the next BCRT clean it up so the current drainage path doesn't take out tread in two directions from the site of the tree-fall. Otherwise, the trail is in superb condition all through this stretch.

Could stare at this all day..
Spot where a bit of cleanup and drainage repair is needed.