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Oyster Dome — Friday, Mar. 12, 2004

Puget Sound and Islands
I left the parking area at Samish Overlook with Daisy the Wonder Dog and Yetiman at 10 am, and headed the ""wrong way"" down the PNT towards Chuckanut drive far below. At the first switchback, we turned right on the Samish Bay Connector, which took us up and down and over to the Oyster trail. Then it was up and up on a rough and rooty trail, very slippery in places, to the Talus trail that goes to the Bat Caves. We spent three hours exploring the area and nursing the dog through some pretty rough scrambling and bouldering. We made it up to the rock wall of the giant cliffs right in the center, and took plenty of pictures of the great views and cool cliffs and rocks. Next it was back to the Oyster trail and up an extremely steep section to the Oyster Dome side trail, which is also very steep. Great views of the San Juans, Olympics, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands of BC, Anacortes, and other cool things. We left at 5 and got back to the car at 6:15 by pushing straight through at full speed. The sunset had died down to smouldering embers by then, but we hung out for a couple of hours anyway, enjoying the commanding views of the Skagit valley spread out beneath us. Wow. The Samish Overlook alone is worth the drive up, just 65 miles from Lynnwood. The first picture was taken at a boulder called ""Ice Age"" on the Oyster trail before the Bat caves turn-off, the second is of the cliffs at Bat Caves.
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