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Fun Handouts for Kids on the Trail

WTA Youth Outdoor Activity Resources

Below are several .pdf files of fun handouts to take with you on a hike! Print and hand them out when that bored or tired youngster needs a break. Don't forget to bring a pencil and crayons!

  1. 10 Essentials Picture Find - Find the 10 Essentials needed for hiking that are hidden in the picture.
  2. Color the Trail - Use crayons or watercolors to color in the picture of the hiking trail.
  3. Connect the Dots - Connect the dots to reveal the outdoor scene.
  4. Draw Yourself Hiking - Draw a picture of yourself out in nature.
  5. Slug Maze - Navigate through the maze to reach your goal. Watch out for slugs!
  6. Young Hikers Mad Libs - Mad libs with a hiking twist. Fill in the blanks with the right words to create a fun story!
  7. Hiker Bingo - First one to cross off an entire row either vertical, horizontal or diagonal wins! File contains two different bingo sheets. 
  8. Scavenger Hunt - Use this fun list to explore the forest around you. First one to find everything is the winner!
  9. Pocket Guide to Familiar Washington Trees - Use this pocket guide to help identify the most common tree species found in Washington.