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Camping 101

 Go camping this summer! With WTA's guide to camping and campgrounds you can transform your best intentions into a great trip with family or friends. We cover where to camp, where to hike and how to work the reservations system to your advantage. Plus, camping with kids.

Eightmile Campground by Evgeny Vasenev.jpgCar Camping Guide

Confused about where camping reservations are needed during the summer and where you can just show up? WTA runs down the wheres and hows of securing a site.

Rampart Lake by Collin Jergens.jpgDispersed Camping Guide

There are places on public lands where you can car camp outside of an established campground. Learn how to find them, and what you'll need to camp there. 

Deception Pass State Park by Beth Easton.jpgTips for Camping with Kids

Even lifelong hikers and campers find camping with kids an entirely new experience. From WTA's own mother of two, we provide ten tips to help guarantee a successful camping trip.

Lena Lake by Lacey Gibson.jpg15 Favorite Campgrounds

From developed campgrounds with showers and electricity to primitive sites far away from the crowds — we've chosen 15 favorite campgrounds (plus 30 nearby hikes) to help you plan your camping getaway.

Pinnacle Peak by Mitch Pittman.jpgSnow Camping

Winter camping offers breathtaking snow-covered scenery and unparalleled solitude. Here is some practical advice on setting up camp in the snow.