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How to Re-Waterproof Your Rain Gear

Hiking boots (or ski boots) can get a bit funky after heavy use. Deodorizing is easy when you understand what to do and how it works. You’ll want to treat the funk so it goes away, not cover it up.

We all know spring means rain in the Pacific Northwest—but it certainly doesn’t need to keep us inside. A good water-repellent jacket and pants can keep you dry and humming down the trails as the water falls from the sky and pools around your Gore-Tex boots.

But that doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy a bunch of expensive new gear. You can add or restore water repellency to the gear you have with a few simple products from Gear Aid.

The non-toxic ReviveX line treats shells, down jackets, fleece, ponchos, pants, hats, boots, even that canvas workwear, in three easy steps:


Remove dirt and oils by first washing the garment with a gentle cleaner like ReviveX that won’t leave behind softeners, fragrances or other harmful residues.


Treat with ReviveX Spray-On Water Repellent or Waterproofing Soak. The Soak is fluorine-free (good for the trees) and treats the entire garment. If you have a garment with a wicking layer, use the Spray-On so you don’t inhibit the wicking layer.


Tumble dry as instructed, which heat-sets the formula for the best performance.

How-To tip courtesy of Gear Aid, of Bellingham, WA. Gear Aid produces a variety of cleaning and repair products for outdoor gear enthusiasts to help prolong the lives of their gear and avoid costly replacements. Find Gear Aid products at your favorite outdoor retailer, or online at

This article originally appeared in the Mar+Apr 2013 issue of Washington Trails magazine. Support trails as a member WTA to get your one-year subscription to the magazine.