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Warm Up on Trail with the Boot Dance

It’s important to warm up before hitting the trail, and what better way than with a dance perfect for trailgoers? The boot dance is both a trailside activity to pass the time and a fun way to stay warm.

What is the Boot Dance?

The boot dance is a fun way to warm up and an entertaining on-trail activity. Staying warm on a cold day can make or break a hike, and what better way to keep the temperature up than with a dance designed just for hikers?

Whether you're at the trailhead waiting to start your hike or wanting to warm up after a break, the boot dance will get your blood flowing. It is also a great activity to keep younger hikers engaged during downtime. 

The boot dance is a common sight on WTA's trail work parties, where safety and fun are fundamental to getting some work done.

    How To Do the Boot Dance

    Before starting the boot dance, be sure to lace up your boots like a pro. Stand across from your partner and tap your boots together in a simple pattern. Start slow to get familiar with the moves then speed it up. It’s a proven fact that the faster you go the more you’ll laugh.