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Quinault Rainforest Nature Loop — Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012

Olympic Peninsula

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WTA Member


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Day hike
The day dawned very rainy during our vacation to the Pacific Coast, so we packed up for a day trip to where it is supposed to rain: the Quinault Rainforest. Our first destination was this half mile loop trail. This trail is where I first became involved with Washington Trails Association - a weekend work party in the fall of 1995. We hauled wheelbarrows of gravel, in the rain of course, as we helped the Forest build the nature loop. It was the second full year of WTA's trail work program, which is celebrating 20 years in 2013. On this New Year's Eve day it was rainy steadily, but the thick tree canopy caught much of the rain and we had a great time. I put rain boots on the kids, and they had a blast splashing in puddles and stomping in the mud. This is an interpretive trail, with well-made signs placed at intervals along the trail. We went clockwise, gazing down to the creek, examining the diversity of life and marveling at the big trees (in one place there are four different massive species in one location). We didn't see anyone else on our short journey. At the end, we drove a short ways to the Quinault Lodge and warmed up in front of its enormous fireplace and had lunch.