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Two Awesome Videos of Washington Wildlife Fishing

Posted by Rachel Wendling at Dec 20, 2016 04:55 PM |
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An Olympic National Park ranger recently spotted a bobcat salmon-fishing. Which reminded us of that time when two snakes fought over a fish, and a trip reporter caught it on camera.

In case you missed the internet last week, an incredible video of Washington wildlife at its finest has gone viral. Ranger Lee, from the Olympic National Park, was pleasantly surprised when he captured a video of a fellow Hoh Rainforest dweller catching its breakfast.

Watch the dramatic encounter between bobcat and salmon below on the park's Instagram feed (which is worth a follow, if you don't already):

ICYMI: Two snakes fighting over a fish

The video reminded us of that time earlier this year when trip reporter LZhang captured an incredible video of two snakes risking life and limb (metaphorically speaking) for their fish dinner at Pete Lake. Fortunately, both snakes survived the battle. We can't say the same for the fish.

Snakes about to engage in battle over a lone fish. Photo by LZhang.