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New projects on the Darrington District

Posted by Jonathan Guzzo at Apr 05, 2010 02:55 PM |

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The Darrington Ranger District, home to the Mountain Loop Highway, Wild Sky,  and the only western access to the Glacier Peak Wilderness, is gearing up for public comment on a long list of trail and road projects. The deadline for public comment on these projects is April 30.

Some of the projects that will be of interest to hikers include:

There are also a couple of road closures on the list that bear further examination as well. The closure of Forest Road 4150 and Forest Road 1890 at milepost 1.2 look interesting, and I'll be checking any potential trail access impacts from those projects.

On the whole, I'm excited about the rebuilding projects on White Chuck Bench and Old Sauk. The OId Sauk Trail, in particular, is a gentle river walk with subtle and profound rewards.

I encourage you to submit a public comment on one or more of these projects. Also, don't hesitate to contact me at 206.625.1367 or by email at to learn more. And as always, ranger districts are great sources of information.

Thanks for taking the time to speak out on behalf of your favorite trails.