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One Year, 100 Hikes

Posted by Susan Elderkin at Dec 07, 2009 02:00 PM |
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She did it. Janelle Walker, a.k.a. "Hikingqueen," took 100 hikes in 2009, and she's still going.


All along, she posted Trip Reports of her journeys, from the Mary E Theler Wetlands trail on January 4th to her 100th on December 5th on Mt. Rainier's Mazama Ridge.

If you ever browse WTA's Trip Reports, you are almost certain to have read one of Hikingqueen's posts - always peppered with beautiful photos and informative tidbits about the hike she just took.

Janelle began hiking in 2006 after going snowshoeing at Paradise. She started keeping track of her hikes the next year, when she did 37 hikes. Last year, she reached 50 hikes. And while her goal was 100 hikes this year, Janelle logged 101 on Sunday and probably has a few more to go by 2010.

"I'm not afraid to go solo. In fact, I savor those trips, and they are some of my best times. I can't imagine my life without hiking in it. This year I have branched out and met a bunch of new women to hike with from meetup groups and They are a wonderful group of women, and I learn so much from them," she reports.

So does someone who averaged two hikes a week over the course of a year have any suggestions? Of course! "Summerland is ONE of my favorites..I love the flowers, mountain views, and marmots! I love marmots.. I could sit and watch them for HOURS! But I also discovered Ancient Lakes this year.. it was an amazing place."

It's people like Janelle who make WTA's website such an excellent resource for hikers. Please take the time to thank her by posting a comment to this blog or on one of her Trip Reports! Congratulations Hikingqueen!


100 hikes

Congratulations! How wonderful to meet and surpass such a goal!

Posted by:

Kim Brown on Dec 07, 2009 03:12 PM

Me too!

Way to go, Janelle. I too have a goal of 100 hikes this year, and just did #97. (97 in 2008, and 70 in 2007). I'm a member of several meetups; let's try to sync up some time and hike together!

Thanks for posting all your hikes!

Linda C.

Posted by:

Linda C. on Dec 08, 2009 11:18 AM

Me too!

Just finished 100 last night...

Posted by:

Linda C. on Dec 16, 2009 07:05 PM