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Photos: A Week of Winter Hiking in Washington

Posted by Loren Drummond at Dec 23, 2013 12:35 PM |

From epic sunsets to icy waterfalls, these photos from trip reporters show the hidden loveliness you can find on a winter hike in Washington state. Get inspired to get outside.

Think winter is a time to hibernate? Not according to WTA's trip reports. From epic sunsets to icy waterfalls, the photos and links below show a week of December trip reports from hikers having great adventures all over the state. Use them to plan a trip, get inspired to get outside, or just to show off your state to any out-of-towners in for the holidays.

File your own adventure. What makes a great trip report? This time of year, snow conditions are always important information to share with others. Are things icy on trail? What about the state of the road, the trailhead facilities and the trail itself? Last, but not least, include your photos of the trail, the scenery or just your hiking buddies!

Winter safety tips:

Sea stacks make a walk on Ruby Beach worth it in winter

Winter at Ruby Beach sea stacks
The sea stacks at Ruby Beach in December. Photo by albertino

Elk crossing along the Hoh River

Hoh River Trail elk
'We had the trail to ourselves - except for a herd of elk that crossed our path, which was pretty spectacular.' Photo by albertino.

Big views and bold sunsets at White Bluffs

White Bluffs Sunset
The stunning colors of a fading day at White Bluffs - North Slope. Photo by David Hagen.

Spikes up on Snoqualmie Mountain

Snow and ice Snoqualmie Mountain
Trip reporter nashearer braved snow and ice to score this spikes-up prime lunch spot on Snoqualmie Mountain.

An honest day's work under a green winter canopy

Green canopy on Lost Lake trail
WTA volunteers put in a day of winter work on the almost-open Lost Lake trail in Larrabee State Park. Photo by Taum Sauk.

Where ice meets water on Twin Falls

Winter at Twin Falls
A dizzy look down into the icy cauldron at Twin Falls. Photo by Surviving Urban.

Blue skies, creek-hopping and mountaintops on a morning hike

CCC Road views
Chad took a 3-hour morning hike on the CCC Road Upper Trailhead and caught these views along the way. Photo by Chad