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Spring Fever: Get Out on a Hike

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Apr 09, 2009 04:50 PM |
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The sunny weekend last week whetted a lot of hiker's appetites--I won't share where I'm headed this weekend, but I'll be sure to post a trip report when I'm done.

The weather report isn't super--but it's not particularly bad either. Have some spring fever and want to get outside? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Seabury Blair, Jr. at the Kitsap Sun recommends some trails on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas, while Karen Sykes, formerly of the Seattle P.I., recommends the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge or Tiger Mountain.
  • Trip report poster "bev" had a lovely hike on the Duckabush River Trail in the eastern Olympics (extra credit to the first trip report poster to spot blooming trilliums!).
  • There's still some snow at Snoquera Falls, near Greenwater, but the falls are worth it, if you hike carefully, according to trip report poster "Pastor Dan."
  • The North Cascades National Park trail conditions website reports patchy snow and blowdown on the Chelan Lakeshore Trail. This is a good early-season backpack (and the rattlesnakes probably won't be out yet!). Another possibility is Thunder Creek (on this side of the North Cascades Highway gate). Rangers report it's starting to melt out, but still has some snow and brush. File a report if you check it out.
  • Looking for a place to snowshoe? How about the Pipe Creek area near Blewett Pass? There's still a fair amount of snow, and a Sno Park pass isn't required after April 1. Pack the ten essentials and a thermos of cocoa and maybe you'll even catch a few sun breaks.