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WTA's Trailblazer Mobile App Contributors

Meet the volunteer developers and designers who helped create and update our mobile app, WTA Trailblazer.

When you think of WTA volunteers, pulaskis and green hats may come to mind. But as these volunteers prove, there are other ways to give back to the outdoor community and help hikers reach Washington's amazing wild places.

Meet your volunteer developers

Meet some of the app developers and designers who put in hundreds of hours of work on the latest version of the WTA app.

Bipin George Mathew

Bipin, who acted as WTA's project manager is a mobile engineer, photographer, UX-er, traveler acted as project manager. He's also a dedicated member of WTA. He and his wife used the WTA website to plan their hikes, and was looking to find a way to give back to the hiking community that went beyond membership. Several years ago, he put his skills to work, and has taken on a volunteer leadership roll--even while he continues to hike, mountaineer, run, snowshoe and snowboard. "There is always something to do every season in Washington 's wild places," he says.

Matthew Accola

Matt volunteered to enhance the WTA Android app and bring new features to all the hikers who rely on WTA. He is a professional mobile application developer who works in the Seattle area. As a relative newcomer to the State of Washington, Matt is just beginning to explore the bountiful recreation opportunities Washington has to offer, but he already has a few favorite hikes including Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm and Lake Serene/Bridal Veil Falls.  He’s also excited about mountaineering opportunities in the Cascades. He summited Mount Baker in the spring of 2015 and Mount Rainier in August 2015. On many weekends and evenings you’ll find Matt exploring new hikes with his wife and 4 children.

Melissa Cayabyab

Melissa is professional a visual and UX designer who strives to make her design do some social good. Here is her approach to design: "My favorite thing about design is that it has the power to make people happy. That is why I care deeply about making things beautiful and memorable for the person it was intended for. I love when design is able to successfully inform, create great experiences, and inspire audiences all at the same time. That is something I hope to achieve with all of my work." Her design contributions to the WTA app have helped inspire thousands of hikers to get outside and connect to trails.

A special thanks to all of the other developers and designers who have contributed time, passion and hiking field experience to Trailblazer's development and updates, including: Jesse Snyder, Mike Bowen, Lev Novik, Omeed Chandra, Joe Kramer, Mike Knecht, Jerry Wang.

And thanks to the amazing hikers who file Trip Reports every single day, helping out the hikers who follow in their footsteps.