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Trip Report

Angry Mountain — Saturday, Sep. 6, 2014

South Cascades
Mt. Adams
This wasn't a hike so much as it was an obstacle course. I tried this hike last year and was driven off by angry yellowjackets. (See the previous trip report.) I decided to try again this year. NF-21 road is rough in some places (washboarding) but other than that getting there is no problem. The rockslide that blocked the road to the trailhead is still there. Easy to cross and it make the hike about an extra 150yds longer. This trail is not well maintained however someone has done some trailwork for as there was only a couple of blowdowns for the first two miles compared to last year when there were dozens. (who ever did this work--thank you). The hike isn't overly steep but the first couple of miles will give you a workout. However once you hit the Goat Rocks Wilderness the maintenance stopped. From this point on I had to step over, crawl under, and hike around dozens and dozens of blowdowns. Easily over a hundred one way. It felt like I encountered a blowdown every 50ft. However after a little ways, the trail levels out some and it would be an easy hike if not for the blowdowns. But don't let your guard down as there is another steep section further on that brings you close to the top of Angry Mountain. I had wanted to try to go all the way to Hart (or is it Heart?) Lake but knowing how rough it was getting to that point, I turned around and proceeded to re-do the obstacle course. This year the bugs were not bad, even when I would take a rest, very few skeeters attacked me. The trail is overgrown in places but often found again within 10 yards. There is one stream where there was water. Stream is probably exaggerating as it is more of a trickle but you can refill your water from it. And while this hike is mostly forest hiking, there are a couple of spots where you have an excellent view of Mt. Adams.
The 'Stream'
The Trail